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We are committed to delivering the best scaffolding in Auckland, where our 25years in the construction industry ensure you get a fast and suitable scaffolding structure. With experience in both commercial and residential scaffolding, we can provide a platform that provides a safe structure to work from.

Due to Auckland’s unreliable weather, we also provide sustainable shrink wrapping, ensuring you can continue your work regardless of the conditions. Contact us now to get some advice on your scaffolding requirements.

Orange Scaffold Hire - committed to service and solutions
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About Us

Orange Scaffold

We support your construction and home renovations

Established in 2005, Orange Scaffold invested in the best scaffold system in the world - the Layher scaffold system. The intent from its inception was to provide quality service, employ quality workers using quality gear to ensure a quality outcome for all our clients.

Within our team we have three members that have been involved in the construction industry as builders, developers and scaffolders for the last 25yrs, giving us a thorough knowledge of the requirements needed for our clients. On this basis, OS is able to provide scaffolds ideally suited to all builders, roofers, painters and maintenance companies. Additionally, we are supported by design engineers who we use for those “impossible” jobs.