St. Paul's Cathedral

Precision Scaffolding for Heritage Preservation

We are committed to providing scaffolding solutions that respect the integrity of every site, especially when it comes to cherished heritage buildings like St. Paul’s Cathedral. This project showcased our ability to meet complex challenges with innovative and non-invasive methods, ensuring that we maintain the historical essence of the structures we work with.

Navigating Heritage Constraints

For St. Paul’s Cathedral, a building with protected heritage status, it was critical to design a scaffolding system that did not compromise the structural integrity of the building. The primary challenge was that no part of our scaffold made direct attachments to the cathedral, preserving its historic fabric untouched.

Innovative Friction Tie System

Our solution involved friction ties, a technique that allows us to securely erect scaffolding without invasive attachments. This method not only supported the necessary weight loads safely but also complied fully with heritage preservation standards. The friction ties demonstrated our team’s expertise in adapting to specific project requirements while upholding strict conservation protocols.

Screen Installation for Enhanced Protection

In addition to erecting the scaffold, our project at St. Paul’s Cathedral included the installation of a screen around the building. This was crucial for protecting the cathedral from environmental elements and maintaining the privacy and security of the site during restoration work. The screen was also mounted using friction ties, ensuring the entire setup remained consistent with the non-invasive approach required for heritage sites.

A Tailored Solution for a Delicate Task

The success of the St. Paul’s Cathedral project is a testament to Orange Scaffold’s meticulous planning and commitment to excellence. We designed a bespoke solution that addressed the unique challenges of working with a heritage-listed building and ensured that our operations were seamless and effective. Our ability to navigate such tricky constraints without compromising safety or efficiency sets us apart in the scaffolding industry.


The St. Paul’s Cathedral project is a proud example of how we can overcome the most challenging conditions with innovative solutions. We are honoured to have played a part in preserving one of our nation’s architectural treasures, demonstrating that no project is complex for our skilled team. 

For your next scaffolding challenge, trust us to deliver a solution that combines respect for history with modern precision and safety.