Dressmart Sign

Precision and Safety in Public Spaces

Our commitment to safety, precision, and innovative scaffolding solutions shines through in projects like the Dressmart sign installation. Tasked with creating a supportive structure in a busy urban setting, our team successfully navigated complex engineering and public safety challenges to deliver a seamless solution.

Engineering a Safe and Efficient Structure

The Dressmart sign project was challenging with the scaffold being erected on an existing roof with strict weight limitations. Our design had to ensure optimal weight distribution to comply with engineers’ specifications and maintain the integrity of the building. By meticulously planning and constructing a scaffold system that spread the load evenly across the roof, we met all structural requirements while providing a secure platform for the sign installation.

Mitigating Risk in a Busy Pedestrian Area

Situated in a high-traffic pedestrian zone, it required additional safety measures to protect the public and ensure a smooth workflow. Our team implemented effective crowd control strategies using barriers and clear signage. This approach minimised disruption and maximised safety, allowing pedestrians and workers to navigate the area securely.

A Successful Completion

The Dressmart sign installation was yet another successful project for Orange Scaffold, marked by our team’s ability to address and overcome significant logistical and technical challenges. Our proactive planning and safety measures ensured the project was completed without issues, further solidifying our reputation for delivering reliable and effective scaffolding solutions in complex urban environments.


This project underscores our expertise in adapting to the unique demands of each job, reinforcing our position as a leader in the scaffolding industry. Whether dealing with rigorous technical specifications or navigating busy public spaces, our team is equipped to handle the complexities of modern scaffolding needs.