The High Rise

Scaffolding Solutions for Urban Excellence

We specialise in delivering innovative scaffolding solutions that cater to complex urban environments. The High Rise project at Britomart, involving both modern apartments and cherished heritage buildings, exemplifies our expertise in managing and executing major operations on challenging sites.

Efficient Use of Limited Space

Located in the bustling Britomart area, the project site presented a unique challenge due to its limited footprint. Our team had to meticulously plan and implement scaffolding structures that would maximise the available space without compromising the safety and efficiency of the construction process. To address this, we designed multiple loading bays strategically placed to facilitate easy access and material transfer to all levels of the construction site.

Adapting to Heritage Constraints

Understanding the importance of preserving the integrity of the attached heritage buildings, our approach included the careful design of freestanding scaffolds in certain areas. These structures were crucial for ensuring that no physical attachments were made to the heritage buildings, thus protecting their structural and historical integrity. This solution allowed seamless construction and renovation work to proceed on the modern apartment sections without impacting the heritage sites.

Project Execution and Success

The High Rise project at Britomart was very successful, notable for its smooth execution with no delays or issues. Our ability to adapt to spatial constraints and heritage requirements without sacrificing project timelines or quality is a testament to our team’s planning, innovation, and execution capabilities.


This project highlights our proficiency in navigating the intricacies of urban scaffolding, particularly in areas where space is at a premium and multiple regulations must be observed. Our success at the Britomart High Rise project reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier scaffolding solutions that meet the dual demands of modern construction and heritage preservation.