The curved scaffold

Shaping Success with Innovative Design

We excel in delivering custom scaffolding solutions that meet the unique demands of each project, and the “Curved Scaffold” project is a prime example of our ingenuity and precision. Faced with a complex architectural challenge, our team skillfully designed and implemented a scaffold system that provided essential support for multiple levels of decks and patios without compromising the building’s structure.

Navigating Complex Architectural Features

The project featured an external and an internal scaffold, necessary to the building’s multiple levels and intricate design. The curved nature of the scaffold was particularly challenging, requiring a sophisticated approach to ensure stability and safety. Our solution involved the strategic use of truss beams and brackets, which allowed us to create a curved structure that flawlessly followed the building’s contours.

Innovative Construction Techniques

One of the key successes of this project was our ability to minimise attachments to the building. This was crucial for preserving the structure’s integrity while allowing uninterrupted reconstruction work on the external walls and decks. The innovative use of minimal attachment points ensured the scaffold did not interfere with the ongoing construction activities, facilitating a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Technical Excellence and Client Satisfaction

The “Curved Scaffold” project was not just a demonstration of technical skill; but a testament to our team’s ability to handle “very tricky jobs” with exceptional care and expertise. The project’s completion without any interference from the scaffold setup is another success for Orange Scaffold and has left our client thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.


This project underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in scaffolding. With each new challenge, Orange Scaffold reaffirms its position as a leader in the scaffolding industry, providing innovative solutions to our clients. Whether dealing with complex curves or intricate architectural details, our team is prepared to deliver excellence and ensure the success of each project.