45m Bridge Reconstruction

Mastering the Art of Hanging Scaffold

We thrive on tackling complex engineering challenges, and the 45-meter bridge reconstruction project is a testament to our expertise and innovative approach. This project required a specialised scaffolding solution that addressed safety concerns and adhered to stringent weight limitations.

Designing for Safety and Precision

The primary challenge of the bridge reconstruction was the inherent risk associated with high-altitude work and the need for a scaffold system that could safely support various construction tasks without compromising the structural integrity of the bridge. Our team successfully designed and implemented a hanging scaffold system tailored to these unique requirements.

Innovative Hanging Scaffold System

The hanging scaffold was meticulously engineered to be lightweight yet robust, ensuring it fits within the design limitations of the bridge while providing a stable platform for workers. This balance was crucial, as any excess weight could jeopardise the project. Our innovative design allowed full access to all areas of the bridge, facilitating efficient and safe completion of the reconstruction efforts.

Overcoming High-Risk Challenges

Safety was our paramount concern, given the elevated risks associated with working on a bridge. The project involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure that every phase, from erection to dismantling, was conducted with the highest safety standards in mind. Our team’s ability to manage these risks effectively was critical in completing the setup, ensuring that all safety protocols were strictly followed.

A Testament to Expertise and Commitment

The successful completion of the bridge reconstruction project is a proud moment for Orange Scaffold. Our ability to design a custom solution that addresses the high risk of falls and the need for a minimal-weight scaffold underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in the scaffolding industry.


This project highlights our technical capabilities and reinforces our reputation as leaders providing safe, efficient, and bespoke scaffolding solutions. We take pride in our team’s ability to rise to the occasion and deliver outstanding results, even under the most challenging conditions.