Auckland Museum

We take pride in our contributions to preserving New Zealand’s heritage while supporting the advancement of its infrastructure.

One of our hallmark projects, the Auckland Museum, stands as a shining example of how innovative scaffolding solutions can meet the rigorous demands of historic preservation and modern construction needs.

Challenges and Innovations

The Task at Hand: The project required the erection of scaffolding along the full length of the museum’s western side. Given the building’s esteemed heritage status, traditional methods of scaffolding that might compromise the structure were not an option.

Heritage Preservation Meets Modern Engineering: To honour the museum’s integrity, our team utilised friction ties to create a free-standing scaffold structure. This approach ensured that no part of the scaffolding system penetrated or otherwise disturbed the museum’s historic façade.

Weathering the Storm: Auckland’s unpredictable climate, particularly in high wind zones, presented another layer of complexity. To safeguard both the museum and our work, we installed a temporary roof over the scaffolding, offering total waterproofing protection throughout the project.

Efficiency in Action: Recognising the challenges associated with transporting materials to the required height, our team employed a mechanical lift for material egress. This not only optimised the efficiency of the project but also minimised the risk of damage to the museum’s surroundings.


A Seamless Blend of Old and New: The successful application of our scaffolding solution at the Auckland Museum is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our innovative approach ensured that the museum remained untouched and undamaged, preserving its historical essence while allowing for necessary conservation work.

Recognition of Excellence: This project not only demonstrated our capability to navigate complex challenges but also solidified our reputation as leaders in providing sensitive and innovative scaffolding solutions for heritage sites.

Looking to the Future: The Auckland Museum project embodies our dedication to preserving New Zealand’s past while embracing the future. It reflects our commitment to innovative solutions, safety, and the respectful treatment of our nation’s treasures.

We are not just building scaffolds; we are helping to preserve the landmarks that tell the story of our country. The Auckland Museum project is a proud example of what can be achieved when heritage meets innovation. Reach out to us to discover how we can assist with your next project, where we combine tradition with technology to create safe, efficient, and respectful construction environments.