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    At the heart of our operations is a blend of experienced stalwarts and fresh talent, each bringing their unique strengths to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    Let’s introduce you to key members of our team who embody the spirit of Orange Scaffold.

    Lita Degenkolbe:
    The Backbone of Orange Scaffold

    Lita Degenkolbe has been a cornerstone of Orange Scaffold for over a decade. Her unwavering dedication and hard work are the engine that keeps our operations running smoothly.

    Lita’s role extends far beyond mere accounts; she is integral to payroll management, and, most importantly, she brings a familial warmth to our team, being the proverbial ‘Mum’ to all. Her commitment to Orange Scaffold’s success is unmatched, and it’s fair to say that we truly would be at a loss without her.

    Lita exemplifies the heart and soul of our company, ensuring that every aspect of our internal operations is as solid and reliable as the scaffolding solutions we provide to our clients.

    James Gittoes-Marriott:
    A Fresh Perspective in Operations

    James Gittoes-Marriott, though a newer addition to the Orange Scaffold family, has quickly become an integral part of our operations. While he jests about being an heir to a hotel chain, James’s real legacy is the fresh energy and innovative thinking he brings to our day-to-day operations.

    Tasked with organising teams and directly liaising with clients, James has shown exceptional aptitude in ensuring that our projects are executed flawlessly. His role is pivotal in maintaining the smooth operation of our services, from the meticulous planning stages to the successful completion of each project.

    James’s dedication to excellence and his natural ability to connect with both team members and clients alike have made him an invaluable asset to Orange Scaffold.

    Paul Svedrevics: Estimator
    Hails from Latvia

    Paul Svedrevics is a valuable addition to the Orange Scaffold NZ team, bringing a rich background from Latvia. Before joining us, Paul spent three years in scaffolding after a five-year stint as a ship engineer in the Latvian army, where he honed skills in discipline and precision that translate seamlessly into his current role. At Orange Scaffold, Paul splits his time between tendering and scaffolding, showcasing his versatility and commitment. His unique experiences and meticulous approach make him a significant asset to our projects and company culture, embodying our commitment to diversity, learning, and excellence in the scaffolding industry.

    Gavin Houghton:
    The Visionary Founder

    Gavin Houghton, the founder of Orange Scaffold in 2005, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the company. With 20 years as a builder and 5 years as a personal trainer, Gavin’s diverse background fuels his vision for OSL. His commitment to building a ‘family of scaffolders’ is at the core of our culture—a team where everyone’s voice is heard, where personal ambition, responsibility, and pride are not just encouraged but celebrated.

    Under Gavin’s leadership, Orange Scaffold is more than just a workplace; it’s a community where growth, both personal and professional, is nurtured. Inspired by Zig Ziglar’s philosophy, Gavin believes in the ethos, “You will get to where you want to go when you help others get to where they want to go.” This principle guides everything we do at Orange Scaffold, fostering an environment where mutual support and success are paramount.

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    Here is what our customers have to say about Orange Scaffold.

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    Gavin and the team have given us great service with excellent rates over a number of projects. I highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again for the next job.
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    Orange no.1 scaffold company you will not be disappoint
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    Great team offering fantastic service.
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    Great quick service thank you.
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    Exceptional work every time.
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    Excellent service.